1. Contactless Payment & Quotes

All payment will be collected over the phone and all onsite quotes/ estimates will be delivered via email that way there is never any contact between you/your family and our technicians.

2. Contactless Dispatch

We are able to dispatch our techs one by one which allows employees to receive their cleaning schedule and instructions while removing unnecessary office contact.

3. PPE & Personal Sanitization

All techs are required to wear gloves and masks while onsite. All techs also have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes on hand to disinfect themselves and their equipment throughout the day.

4. Social Distancing

Only one tech is going to each job, but if ever two techs need to be on a job site, they take separate vehicles and maintain the recommended 6 feet of physical distancing at all times.

5. In-Home Social Distancing

While our techs follow social distancing guidelines when cleaning the outside of your home, they will also maintain a minimum 6-foot distance from other people if services are needed inside the home. Most clients stay in separate areas during the clean.

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