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Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care

Professional Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

Men In Kilts offers professional quality lawn care for your business. Our kilted technicians are here to keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

Our kilted technicians can offer lawn, bed, and hedge maintenance services along with fertilization, power raking & aeration to keep your yard looking great. We also offer a variety of landscaping services that can transform your tired yard.

  • Lawn / Bed / Hedge Maintenance


    Service includes mulching, trimming and sidewalk blowing with optional offsite bag removal.

    • Weekly and biweekly maintenance programs
    • One-time and holiday cuts

    Weeding / Bed Maintenance

    Service includes removing of weeds and turning soil.

    • Weekly and biweekly weeding & soil turning programs
    • One-time clean ups

    Hedge Trimming

    Service includes trimming hedges/shrubs, collecting the clippings and offsite removal.

    • Weekly and biweekly hedge trimming programs
    • One-time clean ups
  • Fertilizer

    Synthetic Fertilizer

    One time service available all season.

    Four time application package must be booked in between February 15 – May 31 and includes:

    • The application of granular fertilizer which supplies all the nutrients required for a healthy lawn.
    • To prevent damage to the water system excess fertilizer is blown back onto lawn.
    • Residential 4 application package includes spot weed control and unlimited service calls at no extra charge.

    Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

    Available all season in Calgary and includes:

    • The application of liquid fertilizer which supplies all the nutrients required for healthy trees and shrubs.
    • Feeds and protects plants.
    • 100% safe for children and pets.

    Spot Weed Control – One Time and Packages Available

    Available all season and includes:

    • A post-emergent product that reduces and eliminates weeds present in the lawn.
    • The application of liquid herbicide that controls weeds while leaving grass unharmed. Herbicide contains 2, D-4, Mecoprop-P and Dicamba.
  • Spring Services

    Our Spring package available April 15 – June 1 and includes:

    Flower bed blow-out, mowing, and aeration.

    • Prepares the lawn for the coming season
    • Package provide the best value and best results for your lawn
    • Removes leaves and debris to encourage healthy lawns

    Power Raking / De-Thatching, Lawn Aeration

    Available until May 31st and includes:

    • Pulls excess thatch (dead grass) to the surface that is then raked, bagged and taken offsite.
    • Benefits include better fertilizer/water absorption, thicker healthier lawns and improved lawn appearance.

    Core Aeration

    Available all season and includes:

    • Pulls 2″-3″ plugs every few inches and deposits them on the lawn. Optional: Collection and offsite removal.
    • Benefits include: Reduced soil compaction, improves lawn health and allows new growth.

    Fall Lawn Care

    Available from October 1 – November 15th and includes:

    • Leaf and debris removal to encourage healthy lawns.
    • Prices vary and are determined by the condition of the lawn.
      Offsite removal optional.
  • Commercial Services

    Contact us directly for more details on the following services:

    • Mowing
    • Fertilizer (Organic and Synthetic)
    • Tree and Shrub Fertilizer
    • Weed Control
    • Aeration
    • Power Raking
    • Spring / Fall Cleanup
    • Flower Bed Maintenance/Hand Weeding
    • Mulch Top-Ups/Replacement
    • Debris Removal
    • Lot Sweeping
    • Line Painting
    • Edging Lawn and Flower Beds
    • Hard Surface Vegetation Control
    • Hedge Trimming
    • Moss Control
    • Sprinkler System Setup and Blow Outs
    • Sod Installation
    • Sprinkler System Install
    • Sprinkler Repair
    • Tree Pruning and Removal
    • Stump Grinding
    • Insect and Disease Control
  • Landscaping Services

    Sod Install & Replacement

    • Sod installation and new home construction is fairly simple and quotes can be provided quickly. Pricing includes everything for a beautiful lawn. Labour, supply cost, equipment, dump fees, and cleanup are all included.
    • Replacement of an old lawns can be complicated and therefore requires an onsite visit

    Mulch Install, Replacement & Refresh

    • Mulch install can include redesign with removal of sod or rocks
    • Refresh is the application on top of the current mulch. Results will depend on budget and total product applied
    • Replacement includes removal of old mulch, installation of weed matting as required and the application of the new mulch.

    Tree, Shrub & Flower Planting

    • Install includes soil preparation, labor, supplies, and clean up.
    • There are many different options and price points from drought resistant to premium designs.
  • Additional Services and Special Considerations

    Contact us directly for more details on the following services:

    • Topdressing
    • Overseeding
    • Debris Removal
    • Edging Lawn and Flower Beds
    • Hard Surface Vegetation Control
    • Moss Control
    • Sprinkler System Setup and Blow Outs

    Special Considerations:

    Offsite Bag Removal

    Offsite removal for debris and leaves collected is available for $4 per bag (large industrial bag). If 20 or more bags are removed a 25% discount will be applied. If you choose to forgo offsite removal, the bags will be placed by your garbage at no extra charge.

    Dog Waste Removal

    Service includes the collection and removal of dog waste prior to any lawn care services. Cost per dog is based on a weeks’ worth of waste. Additional charges apply if additional waste is present.

    One Time Cut

    Service includes lawn mowing and trimming. Requires an onsite quote by lawn care technician.

Why do you need lawn care services?

  • A luscious green lawn doesn’t come without time, care and continued maintenance. Hiring a professional to take care of your lawns needs can save you valuable time.
  • Men In Kilts have the knowledge about grass, different fertilizers and what to do about problems like dead patches.
  • Men In Kilts can do more than simply mowing your lawn. You can take advantage of yard trimming, bush removal, tree pruning or other helpful landscaping services.
  • Men In Kilts has all of the necessary equipment to fully take care of your lawn. No need to buy and store lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other equipment. 

For your convenience, we offer 6 days a week scheduling and we are fully insured. Check out our Green Commitment to see that we care about this beautiful planet we live on and what steps we are taking to preserve it.

Find out more about our Residential Services.

Commercial Lawn Care Services
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At Men In Kilts we provide a zero risk, no small print, Clean Guarantee. If we’ve overlooked something, just call us at 1-800-777-5458 or email us at customerservice/at/ within 48hrs of your completed job, and we’ll come out for free to make it right.

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