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Why It's Important To Clean Gutters In Spring

Gutter Cleaning By Men In Kilts

When you hear “spring,” what do you think of? Chances are you think about warmer days, budding trees, Easter vacation, and light rains—not your clogged gutter system. We get it, but we can’t help but remind you of just how important a healthy, free-flowing gutter system is to the structural integrity of your home.

Spring Means More Water

Roofing systems are pummeled by moisture, which is why most homes have gutters—to redirect roof water down and away from your home, which protects your roof shingles, siding, and foundation.

You may already know this, but let’s use some numbers to put it all into perspective.

The average American home is roughly 2,000 square feet, which means that when a single inch of rainfall hits the average roof, it can generate up to 1,200 gallons of water. Factor in the average rainfall across the country, and that’s a whopping 32,000 gallons of water hitting your roof every year. That’s enough to fill two swimming pools.

Our point is that if your gutters are clogged, they cannot effectively redirect those 32,000 gallons of water away from your home. And that means your foundation, siding, shingles, windows, and more are at risk of long-term damage.

Basement Flooding

Clogged gutters are one of the leading causes of basement flooding. Why? When gutters fill up with leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris, a barrier is created, which inhibits water flow. Because of this, water builds up in your gutter troughs, overflows, and then seeps into the ground against your foundation. Over time, this water will penetrate your foundation, which leads to flooding.

The typical basement flood remediation project runs from $3-10,000. Our cost to clean the average gutter system of an average two-story home is no more than a few hundred dollars.

The numbers speak for themselves—it just makes sense to clean your gutters!

Prevent Mosquitos and Other Unwelcome Guests

Clogged gutters create standing water, and when the weather becomes warmer, that water creates the perfect habitat for breeding mosquitos. Other unwanted critters like rats, mice, and raccoons are also drawn to clogged gutters because they offer an abundant supply of healthy drinking water.

Clear out your gutters in spring, and you’ll reduce mosquitos and force unwelcome critters to build their homes elsewhere.

Wood Rot

If you live in a seasonal climate region with wet springs, humid summers, snowy winters, and leafy autumns, chances are your gutters have amassed quite a collection of seasonal debris. If you leave this debris unchecked, it will interrupt water flow. And because water has nowhere to go but “up and over,” your home’s facia, soffits, eaves, window frames, and more are all at risk of dry rot.

Spring Is Selling Time

It’s anecdotal knowledge that the real estate market picks up in the late spring and early summer, but a recent study confirms it. According to real estate research from ATTOM Data Solutions, sellers report the highest premiums in May, with March, April, June, July, and August following.

What are we getting at?

Clean gutters alone will not sell your home. However, clean gutters means more curb appeal. Buyers will notice unkempt gutters—so will inspectors, the folks who evaluate the foundation’s structural integrity.

Protect your investment, increase curb appeal, and preserve your foundation, siding, and roof—just by cleaning out your gutters.

Want to Leave Gutter Cleaning to the Professionals?

Men in Kilts offers complete gutter and downspout cleaning. If you’d like to find out how much it would cost to have us professionally clean your gutters, we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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Illustration of a proud man in kilt
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