Pressure Washing
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Outdoor Concrete Maintenance Tips

Pressure washer spraying concrete.

Your home may have several entrances, but your driveway is the primary “door” to your residence. It’s an important part of every home, which is why we believe it deserves equal care.

Here Are a Few Simple Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Driveway and Keep It Looking Pristine Year After Year.

Don’t Let Oil Sit

Standing oil will penetrate and stain concrete—and once that happens, it’s difficult to remove. If you notice a fresh oil stain on your concrete driveway, wash it off as quickly as possible.

While fresh oil stains are difficult to remove, several home remedies may help to lighten them up. Sprinkle some cat litter or baking soda on the oil spot, apply water, and scrub the trouble spot with a brush. Now rinse away the spot.

Pressure Wash

Mold and mildew love driveways — and if left to flourish, they’ll stain and undermine the structural integrity of the concrete. We suggest having your driveway professional pressure washed every year.

By using safe amounts of pressure and the right detergents, professionals will extend the life of your driveway and keep it looking beautiful.

Seal Cracks

If your driveway has cracks narrower than ¼”, they’re probably there because the concrete shrunk as it cured. This is perfectly normal. Cracks this size may never get any bigger. However, water can get into them, freeze, expand, and cause the cracks to widen.

You can mitigate future issues by sealing cracks with a Polymer sealant, a flexible product that evens the surface and blends into your existing driveway.

Avoid Melting Agents

Salt is tough on snow and ice—and equally hard on driveways. Salt melts snow by decreasing the freezing point of liquids. This adds more moisture, which means more water sits on your driveway.

While they are not as effective as salt and other traditional deicing agents, there are alternative, concrete-safe products you can use. Liquid Ice Melt works as both a deicing and anti-icing agent—and while it does not work as quickly as traditional products, it is safer for concrete driveways.

Determine if Your Driveway Is Damaged—or Just Faded

When contractors pour concrete driveways, they typically apply a curing agent, which gives it a bright white color. With time and exposure to the sun, rain, and snow, that curing agent fades, and the darker, natural color of the concrete will start to show.

Fading is natural and not something that should cause concern.

Call in the Kilt

Safe for houses, driveways, and patios. Dangerous for dirt. That’s the Men In Kilts motto.

Our technicians are trained to tackle all surfaces. We’ll safely remove green algae, mold, fungus, dirt, and moss—without damaging sensitive surfaces.

Before we begin, we evaluate your home and driveway, taking into account the exterior materials and soil levels. Based on this checklist, we select the proper pressure, environmentally-safe detergents and oxidizers, and make your surfaces look good as new.

Get a free estimate for professional pressure washing services by Men In Kilts when you call (888) 292-1176 today!

Illustration of a proud man in kilt
Illustration of a proud man in kilt
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