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Why Coastal Dwellers Should Regularly Clean Their Home’s Windows and Frames

Saltwater on Windows

Coastal living offers convenient beach access, Instagram-able views, and salty breezes you can taste, smell, and feel. While that mixture of sun and saltwater gives your coastal abode much of its charm, it also leaves your home vulnerable to windblown sand and salt.

You may live several miles from the beach, but coastal winds deposit salt spray on windows and frames over time, causing corrosion, glass pitting, and gunk buildup that can calcify and lead to long-term damage. The good news is you can protect your investment and save money by having a professional regularly clean your windows and frames.

Here are a few reasons to take extra care of your windows—especially if you live in coastal regions like Miami, Florida; Virginia Beach or Newport News, Virginia; South Shore-Boston, Massachusetts; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Window Frame Corrosion

Homeowners who live in coastal areas with a pleasant year-round climate often have windows with aluminum frames. Unfortunately, salt and aluminum do not mix well together. Over time, salt corrodes aluminum, creating pitting or dark patches on the frame. Aluminum window frames may be susceptible to corrosion, but they will last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Glass Pitting

Coastal winds are strong enough to send sand flying for miles, so your home may still be susceptible to glass pitting even if you live far from the water. Pitting occurs when tiny grains of sand repeatedly hit your windows. Over time, windows end up with small scratches or pits that dull your views. You may not notice pitting from afar, especially if you do not regularly clean your windows, but up close, you’ll see severe damage. Cleaning your windows allows you to assess your window’s health and prevent long-term damage.

Gunky Buildup

When salty moisture combines with windblown sand, it creates a sticky gunk that clings to windows and frames. While homes in high-humidity locations may be more susceptible to gunk buildup, anyone living near salt water will find salt and mineral deposits on their windows and frames. This stubborn buildup is difficult to wash off and usually requires professional equipment.

Hard Water

In addition to salt and sand, coastal dwellers also have to deal with hard water, which has a high mineral content that stains, corrodes, and oxidizes windows, screens, and frames. Any sprinkler and hose water that hasn’t undergone softener treatment has elevated mineral content. These mineral deposits build up over time, which may cause glass etching and eventually require window restoration or replacement.

We do offer a proprietary system that allows us to restore etched windows, but you can avoid restoration and expensive window replacement altogether simply by scheduling regular cleanings with our technicians.

Can’t I Clean My Own Windows?

Many people choose to clean their own windows—and just as many are disappointed with the results. Why? Ultimately, it comes down to training, experience, and equipment. While window cleaning seems relatively straightforward, it’s actually a science, and we’ve mastered it over two decades.

Professional Equipment

Most homeowners don’t have access to professional window cleaning equipment, so they approach the job with the wrong tools. We utilize water-fed pole systems that use purified water with a telescopic pole and brush.

This technology offers several benefits over a traditional squeegee—especially in hot climates where water dries quickly, leaving streaks and spots.

Our water-fed poles agitate dirt and grime off glass using a soft brush. Next, windows are rinsed with water distributed at a safe 0-10 ppm, which leaves windows clean and spotless.

Our tools also enable us to access tight spaces and clean windows from any angle. Occasionally, we’ll reach for a utility ladder, but in most cases, we’re able to deep clean tracks, windows, screens, and frames with our feet firmly planted on the ground. That means reduced landscape disruption, increased safety without compromising cleanliness, and more privacy for clients and neighbors. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Ladders are dangerous, but we know how to level them, climb and descend them, carry them, and set them up without damaging landscaping, lawns, or houses. We also use window-safe products that penetrate porous windows without hurting pets, families, or the environment.

In short, we come to the job with the proper training, insurance, and equipment to do the job right the first time.

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